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Further questions (please donít hesitate to contact us if you canít find the answers youíre looking for):


How long is a painting session?

The length of a painting session will vary depending on the ages of the painters and the pieces being painted. However, the average studio session will last around 1Ĺ hours. Please note: we may have to restrict the length of a painting session during our peak times, but we will always advise of you of this before you start your session.


Does Ceramica provide aprons?

Yes we do. We have aprons in all sizes, from toddlers to grown ups...there's no excuse for getting messy!


Does the paint wash off?

Yes it does - all our paints are water-soluble and will come off clothes in your normal washing cycle.


How long does it take to get my finished piece back?

Your ceramics will be ready for collection no later than a week after the day that you paint.


Are my ceramics dishwasher and microwave safe?


Dishwasher - with regular dishwasher use, there may be a gradual dulling of colours due to the intense heat of the water and the caustic dishwasher detergent. There is also the risk of damage to the items as the glaze can get chipped if items are knocked together.


Microwave - our products are unlikely to crack or break in a microwave. However, earthenware soaks up moisture, which gets locked inside the structure of the product, heats up and is then retained by the product. Consequently, the products becomes too hot to handle and there is a risk of scalding.


What methods of payment do Ceramica accept?

We accept payments by cash, cheque and all major credit cards (excluding American Express). Payment is required at the end of your painting session.



Does Ceramica have toilet & baby change facilities?

Yes, we do have a customer toilet. Unfortunately, due to lack of space, we don't have a specific baby change area, but every effort will be made to provide an area if necessary; we have a changing mat and ample supplies of baby wipes!


Does Ceramica sell drinks and snacks?

We provide complementary teas and coffees for the grown ups and we sell apple, orange juice and bottled water. We donít sell any snacks because of health and safety regulations and because grease and salt can have a negative effect on the ceramics.























To make an enquiry or a booking - call 01372 462447 or email